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Looking for the perfect Lawns?

See us for all your lawn requirements from improving existing lawns to building new lawns. We can look after your lawns in the wider Wellington region, including Kapiti, Wellington and the Hutt valley

We can make your lawn look at it's best with our personalised maintenance programmes. Why go through the frustration of keeping your lawn free of pests and weeds yourself when we can look after your lawns and let you enjoy them, like you always wanted.

Lawn Maintenance Programmes
A range of programmes to suit you and your lawns requirements including Fertilising, weed control, grassgrub and Caterpillar control plus aeration, dethatching and overseeding

Lawn resurfacing
Has your lawn surface become bumpy and uneven, TLP specializes in relevelling and improving existing Lawns

Aeration and Dethatching

We aerate lawns to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots.

Dethatching removes dead plant material from the surface and prevents your lawn surface choking up

Weed and Pest control.

Control of seasonal weeds and pests such as the destructive Porina Caterpillar

Soil Testing

New lawns
New lawn installations- From small renovations to developing lawn areas at new and existing homes.
Ready lawn supply and installation.


Severely damagedlawns can be brought back to life with overseeding

Mowing service
Careful operator to carry out regular mowing and weedeating.


and have an expert inspect and answer any
questions you may have about your lawn.

Call us now 04 232 0610 or 027 715 3213

Enjoy a superior lawn free from weeds, prickles and pest damage.

Contact us now and we can get you on our Lawn Maintenance Programmes right away and you can enjoy a lawn you always wanted.

Welcome to Transform

Hi I'm Phil, I have over 20 years experience, including formal qualifications in turf managment with 15 years maintaining golf courses.

I offer a Free friendly consultation and quote at your place to asses your lawn requirements.

  • New lawn developments including Instant lawn supply and installation or
  • Fresh seed options to best match the grassvarieties with your homes position and your requirements
  • Lawn improvement
  • Maintenance programmes
  • One off treatments to control weeds and pests

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